After highschool that seemed like it was never ending, I gave studying maths and sports a quick try before changing my mind and settling for music at Düsseldorf's Robert Schumann university.

As a conductor, composer, arranger and musical director I've been working ever since for various productions of Studiobühne Köln, Kulturfabrik Koblenz, Theater Hagen (Philharmonic orchestra), Polizei Big Band NRW, crossover projects (band and orchestra) and the german band "Extrabreit", to only name a few.

With Hollywood composer Boris Salchow I orchestrated the soundtrack for Terra X's movie "Deutschland von oben".
The live premiere of the movie with the Essen Philharmony led to a tour that climaxed in the performance with the Munich Philharmony in Gasteig. Performances 2015/2016 will be played by the Pilsen Radio Symphony Orchestra, also introducing the short film "München von oben".

I often conduct my own compositions or play them on the piano, for instance for soprano Tanja Schun (Duo Zweifach) or for performances of my choires. As a conductor I get booked for CD recordings as well as for live performances.